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Facing any criminal charge is frightening and stressful. Your future may depend on your next step. Make the right move by calling Tim Drury Law now. That phone call will ensure that you get the best outcome possible for your case.

Tim Drury has 25 years experience in criminal law, handling over 100 felony jury criminal trials. As a former Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for Kitsap County, Tim has extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system. Tim is committed to providing dedicated legal representation. He will personally handle every aspect of your case; you will never deal with a junior partner or intern.

What you can expect when you hire Tim:

25 Years of Criminal Law Experience in Kitsap County Courts

A Trusted Legal Advocate Who Knows the System Inside & Out

Personal Attention To All Aspects of Your Legal Defense

If your legal matter involves any of the following, call NOW:

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